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Blockchain games have struggled to compete with traditional titles… until now

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Blockchain games are struggling to compete with traditional titles on consoles and smartphones, a crypto project has said.


PlayDapp says big improvements are needed to ensure that blockchain-based games tackle problems that have long persisted in this multibillion-dollar industry — all while giving players an immersive experience that’s unlike anything they’ve seen before.

Driven by team members who have decades of experience in gaming and IT, PlayDapp aims to ensure that in-game items can be traded on second-hand marketplaces with ease, and prized assets can easily be used across multiple games.

This concept has already been put into practice. Nonfungible tokens earned through CryptoDozer, the platform’s flagship game, are immediately recognized in its sister title DozerBird — allowing players to unlock additional stats and benefits.

Executives say their priority is enriching non-crypto games with NFT features, meaning that players can enjoy true ownership of their items.

A game-agnostic approach

PlayDapp says that it has championed a “game-agnostic” approach — meaning that the NFTs unlocked on its platform can be moved from title to title with ease.

This focus on interoperability means that players can have a deeper inclination to try new games and experiences, because they will be safe in the knowledge that the progress they have made in other titles is never at risk.

Through careful curation and quality products, PlayDapp says that it wants to reduce churn and player burnout — and promote prolonged use of its custom-built ecosystem. A series of titles that have been built in house will be accompanied by games that have been developed by third parties, meaning that users will be spoiled for choice.

PlayDapp’s marketplace ensures that like-minded, passionate gamers can trade characters, keys, pets and a range of other items with each other. The fact that NFTs can be used across multiple games means that players will also be able to find exciting new use cases for their collectibles — irrespective of whether they’re a beginner or a hardcore gamer.

More insights on PlayDapp’s NFT here

Leveling up

PlayDapp’s first game, CryptoDozer, launched in March 2019. It’s since launched on Samsung Digital Wallet. The platform’s marketplace made its debut in May 2020, and its dedicated token has now been listed.

Use cases for NFTs in this ecosystem also extend beyond gameplay. For example, the dolls that can be collected in these games can be combined and improved so they have a higher value. This helps recreate the “gotta catch ‘em all” mentality that helped make Pokemon so popular… and ensures that more common dolls have a greater value.

Gamers can also work with their friends — hiring dolls with special skills temporarily to help ramp up the rewards that are received.

Dolls can also be staked, meaning that players have a better chance of receiving a higher-value doll further down the line. According to PlayDapp, this can help ensure that retention of NFTs remains high, meaning that they will be a rare commodity on the marketplace. This also helps deliver much-needed price stability.

PlayDapp now enjoys a number of high-profile collaborations, and its ecosystem is gradually being built in conjunction with these partners.

Overall, this project’s message is clear: We are barely scratching the surface when it comes to what NFTs are capable of, and the ways that they can transform gaming for the better — even in non-crypto titles. With an ambitious roadmap and a portfolio of eye-catching games, PlayDapp is one to watch as it brings cutting-edge concepts to life.

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