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Innovative user security system from

1 Mins read has long been a leader in the industry of secure cryptocurrency storage.

by Blockchain Alliance analyst

Innovative security system is a combination of the system of protection of funds and verification of users.

Imagine that you did not set a strong enough password and did not enable 2FA.

What can happen in this case?

That’s right, hackers can pick the password to your account and steal all your money, but not on beecrypt!

After all, thanks to innovative security system, attackers will not be able to steal a cent from your account even if they gain access to it.

So, let’s review the innovation. users can only withdraw funds to their verified address.

Yes, you can withdraw money from your account only to your verified address.

Moreover, you no longer have to go through complicated verification and leave a huge amount of personal information.

In order to verify your account it is enough to verify your address by making your first deposit.

This is a really innovative technology, behind which is the future of the cryptocurrency world.

Many even consider it unfair to the cryptocurrency community, because exchanges like, which have already implemented this innovation, have an undeniable advantage over other exchanges, which still require to leave a huge amount of personal data.

Because on Beecrypt with one deposit you can verify your account and get full access to all the features of the exchange.

In conclusion, we want to say that this is really cool technology that we can use right now! The CEO of Beecrypt is the former tech director of Metamask. You can fully trust all the technology and innovations of this platform.

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