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Meme Coins Craze Attracting Money Behind Fall of Bitcoin

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From the eyes of crypto-analysts, the ongoing craze for meme coins is the main reason behind the price struggle for Bitcoin. And, meme coins like Dogecoin and its clones are constantly sucking funds out of Bitcoin.

The Money Will Soon Reenter The Market: CEO CryptoQuant

The ongoing massive flows in the fresh funds are statistically massive. However, CryptoQuant’s CEO Ki-Young Ju believes that trends are changing at much higher rates, and tokens with true intrinsic value like BTC will recommence their position in the market. The statement reads,

“Smart money will reenter the market soon and reverse the trend.”

All of this started with Elon Musk who has always favored the meme cryptocurrency DOGE. Supported by names like Mark Cuban and Snoop Dogg that has also attracted the masses of investors in the space, it became arguably the most widely discussed topic in and outside the crypto-sphere.

However, there are crypto-whales in the market who know how to take advantage of the ongoing mania. Coins that seemingly have no value or product, are gaining people’s attention due to advertising services. In this attention-grabbing game, one can observe massive fluctuations and promises for multi-digital return.

The most recent example is a token called Shiba Inu (SHIB) whose exchange value is up tenfold in the past few days alone. This additionally enhances the snowball effect. According to analysts, the massive increase in value is also the result of most searched and viewed digital assets. Apart from the mind-blowing returns, the following data from CoinMarketCap confirms the same.

Smart Money to Go in Bitcoin Soon

CryptoQuant’s CEO argued that,

“The asset’s fundamentals are still “strong,” and on-chain data support this narrative. The market will become smart money soon, and the funds will go to major coins that have intrinsic value. The ongoing craze for meme coin is the primary reason why bitcoin’s price has been struggling.”

At the same time, many altcoins see frequent new records, including the aforementioned massive surges by the meme coins. Nevertheless, CryptoQuant’s CEO. believes that this trend is about to change soon.

As per reports, institutional investors uninterruptedly collecting cryptocurrencies, miners are refusing to sell, and smaller hoDLers are withdrawing their coins from exchanges at the same time.

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