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Revuto Builds The First Crypto Subscriptions on Cardano

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As the world records a growing number of blockchain based solutions, Revuto is taking the entire innovations a step further with its crypto-powered subscriptions platform on the Cardano blockchain. The project mission is simple, but in high demand today. Revuto seeks to change the overall concept about payment for subscriptions, with the singular purpose of giving increased flexibility to users.

The Problem With Subscriptions and the Revuto Rescue

For anyone who has taken up the responsibility of making online purchases or subscriptions, you’d understand how cumbersome it can be. The truth is that service providers always devise a means to discourage people from continuing with their services, and as such, create a difficult cancelation process. Revuto has come to change the game in this regard.

Taking advantage of the scalable Cardano blockchain, Revuto has designed a DApp through which you can control any of your subscriptions. From payment for Apple music to subscription for digital news media, you can take advantage of the Revuto DApp to manage all of your recurring payments.

The platform will combine the utilities inherent in fiat currencies, to the speed, and cheap costs of cryptocurrencies to return increased value to the user. Using the Revuto debit card which is yet to be launched, users of the platform are able to make payments for their subscriptions using Cardano and any of its native tokens including the REVU (Revuto’s native tokens).

For users choosing the Revuto product offering, here are some of the benefits they get through the DApp;

  • Easy activation and deactivation of subscriptions
  • Approve, Block or Snooze subscriptions and their recurring payments
  • Ability to pay for the services through Cardano and REVU
  • Stake REVU to access other benefits and earn rewards on offer by Revuto.
  • Earn cashback in REVU for every subscription payment you make with Revuto.
  • Enjoying a robust referral bonus in REVU for each user introduced to the platform.

Revuto aims to bring all of these offerings to life through its integrated crypto wallets built to allow pre authorized pull payments from other Revuto wallet addresses and to support direct authorization with the service providers. Revuto’s product offerings are born with the mindset to return value to everyone that makes mobile payments, and service upgrade is also at the core of their business model.

REVU Tokens and the Upcoming Token Sale

The REVU token is native to the Revuto protocol and built atop the Cardano blockchain. As the protocol’s utility token, REVU is not just designed to help users lower the cost of transactions while using the platform, it brings an additional incentive based on its underlying DeFi undertone as highlighted above.

REVU tokens offer one of the most direct ways for anyone to get involved with the revolutionary solution being heralded by Revuto. Based on this, an opportunity for the growing community backing the project to contribute to the project at its earliest days is here through the first public REVU token sale. The Whitelist is open and the sale will take place on May 18th.

The Revuto Roadmap

The Revuto project is duly recognized by the Cardano and the Cardano Community, a credence to the strides of the team being led by its Chief Executive Officer Josipa Majic. While the entire project is still in its infancy as per its roadmap, some of the proposed developmental milestones to watch out for include but not limited to;

  • The submission of two patents EPO and USPTO before the end of the third quarter in 2021.
  • REVU token listing on centralized exchanges in the fourth quarter of 2021.
  • REVU wallet upgrade to support pull payments by Q2 2022, and;
  • Leveraging public utilities payments with DeFi services in Q3 to Q4 2022.

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