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SoldiersLand NFT Game Closes Pre-Sale, Lists SLD on PancakeSwap, Teases Own Blockchain Release

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SoldiersLand, an NFT-centric battlefield with the tokenomics based on native token SLD, shares a surprising update on its development progress.


Pre-sale closed, SLD explodes onto PancakeSwap

SoldiersLand (SLD), a battlefield metaverse that allows its users to earn for participating in PVP battles and tournaments, shares the results of its latest funding round.

According to the announcement by the protocol’s team, the pre-sale phase of fundraising has concluded successfully. As the goal of the pre-sale is reached, the platform enters the next phase of the token sale, i.e., listing on decentralized exchanges.

As SLD token is issued on mainstream smart contract environment Binance Smart Chain or BSC, SoldiersLand decided to start its listing campaign with PancakeSwap (CAKE), the largest BSC-based DEX.

Right now, SLD token can be purchased on PancakeSwap (CAKE) with Binance’s native token, Binance Coin (BNB).

SoldiersLand reiterates that 0x24519018513a71f83951336b990098de978f5bad is the only legit contract for SLD token, so its enthusiasts should avoid scammers of all sorts.

Native blockchain release is in the cards for SoldiersLand

Also, during the latest “ask me anything” session with the key officers of SoldiersLand (SLD), its marketing manager came with a surprising statement.

According to him, SoldiersLand has outgrown Binance Smart Chain because of its low resource efficiency and high fees. As such, switching to its very own blockchain is a natural solution for SoldiersLand:

Due to some limitations like fee, scalability, transactions confirmation, etc. on Binance Smart Chain and other networks, our developer team started to research and develop to launch the SoldiersLand network and run the game on its blockchain.

Its own blockchain will fuel the progress of SoldiersLand in the coming month. The second iteration of the game will be released on a brand new platform, as stressed by its official.

As covered by U.Today previously, SoldiersLand has accomplished formidable growth in recent weeks. On Nov. 11, it was ranked in the top three of all blockchain-based games, according to the high-profile dashboard

SLD token is a building block of the product’s tokenomics. The SLD stake is a sine qua non to qualify for challenges, tournaments and battles in SoldiersLand. Also, it is a must-have for game enthusiasts willing to obtain new soldiers and advanced equipment.

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