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Symbol (XYM) token from NEM now available on crypto wallet app Vidulum

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Symbol from NEM, a blockchain-powered exchange network for business that launched back on March 17th, has announced that Vidulum, a non-custodial multi-coin web wallet, has added support for NEM’s Symbol (XYM) token. Now, Viddulum and Symbol users can earn staking incentives in VDL (Vidulum native token) for staking XYM on their wallets, along with other advantages.

Collaboration between Vidulum and NEM Group

Symbol wallet

The Vidulum Symbol wallet enables people to participate in digital asset markets by accessing and storing cryptocurrencies efficiently while remaining in control of their private access information. With the Vidulum app, users have complete control of their private keys, allowing them to send, receive, and manage their Symbol tokens through web browsers or the android & IOS apps.

XYM live on Vidulum

XYM is the native currency of the Symbol blockchain. After supporting the Symbol snapshot, XYM tokens are live on the Vidulum non-custodial wallet app; allowing users to store, send, and receive their XYM.

Vidulum has support NEM’s Symbol (XYM) token

V-Staking XYM

XYM holders can also earn rewards in VDL by staking the Symbol token on the Vidulum wallet app. The V-Staking program by Vidulum is a way for users to earn extra VDL tokens; in addition to running a masternode or mining VDL from the blockchain.

To V-stake VDLs, users first need to create an account on the Vidulum app, hold a minimum of 100 XYMs, and make sure they log in at least once every 60 days. The V-staking rewards system distributes 100 VDLs every day, the earned amount will always depend on the staked amount.

Example: 100 VDL daily distribution for XYM – The total V-Staking pool is 10,000 units; a coin holder has 1,000 units, thus they will receive 10% of the daily distribution (10 VDL).

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