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Unicly (UNIC) NFT Exchange Introduces Eight New Collections: Details

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Unicly (UNIC) is the first-ever platform for non-fungible tokens tracked by the CoinGecko dashboard. Here is what it releases on the verge of its liquidity mining launch.


Unicly (UNIC) launches eight new NFT collections

Pioneers of the NFT fractionalization concept, the Unicly (UNIC) platform, announces the launch of its first-ever fractionalized collections.

Image by Unicly

Unicly (UNIC) fractionalized a variety of the NFTs by top-notch digital collectible products. Namely, it added to Unicly’s pool collectibles by Jenny DAO, CryptoPunks, Aavegotchi, HashMask, Doki Doki, Axie, Beeple and Autoglyph.

Also, the inaugural community-driven voting in Unicly (UNIC) history occurred: six tokens were whitelisted. uJENNY, uPUNK, uGOTCHI, uDOKI, uBEEPLE and uAXIE are approved by the UNIC community as the first “pool” tokens.

0xLeia, the anonymous founder of Unicly, stresses the importance of the last release for the progress of the project, its team and community:

The community support for Unicly has been outstanding these past couple of weeks. We’ve fractionalized some really cool collections already, the community is making its first governance decisions, and we’re beginning to attract liquidity and wider community interest. Unicly’s off to a really promising start.

UNIC liquidity mining starts on May 18

At press time, Unicly has already processed over $20 million in volume and attracted $30 million in liquidity.

UNIC liquidity mining to be launched next week. This means that the enthusiasts of this protocol will be awarded by UNIC for their contribution.

Unicly (UNIC) promotes itself as a platform that merges the concepts of NFT and DeFi projects. By introducing fractionalized NFTs, it solves the liquidity problem of modern digital collectibles markets.

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