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Unicrypt Decentralized Launchpad Turning Public with Additional Services

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Unicrypt is a decentralized platform introduced in mid 2020 to assist upcoming crypto projects with services. It provides an ILO launchpad platform, which has in the past few months helped launch many great projects.

Most crypto launchpads are centralized, but Unicrypt’s launchpad is decentralized. In this launchpad, a project does not need to apply for listing. Everything is autonomous to ensure that the project managers can complete everything themselves.

Unicrypt has auditors who can audit any projects willing to get listed on the launchpad and give public options on the security of the projects’ code. Similarly, it has a locker feature that locks some funds as insurance for investors.

Recently, the platform completed its migration from the former UNC token to UNCX. Unicrypt has a dual token system, leveraging UNCL and UNCX tokens, both helping in various services.

Every person who wants to participate in presale rounds hosted in the Unicrypt launchpad must hold some amount of UNCX or UNCL tokens. Initially, the requirement was 4 UNCX or 50 UNCL. However, Unicrypt recently adjusted the values to either 3 UNCX or 50 UNCL. This adjustment provides an opportunity for more investors to participate in ILO rounds.

Unicrypt – The Surging Growth

Statistics by shows that in April, over 653 thousand people visited Unicrypt’s website. The number has been in a constant increase. For instance, in February, the number of visitors was almost 200k, in March the number surged to 400k, and 600k in April.

This constant rise in adoption is because of the excellent services this platform provides. While most of the visits are direct visits, a large chunk, about 18%, is due to referrals. The figures prove that Unicrypt’s services are excellent, such that users are marketing themselves the project.

The UNCX token has been a beneficiary of the platform’s fast growth. In February, UNCX was trading at less than $200, but because of the increasing demand for Unicrypt’s services, the token is four times its value. According to Coinmarketcap, UNCX is currently trading at about $880.12.

Moreover, the number of UNCX token holders is 2,322 on the ETH chain, and more than 600 on the Binance Smart Chain. The deflationary nature of the token is being executed through burning events.

New Website, More Services

Due to Unicrypt’s surging growth, the platform creators are turning public in about six weeks. The move to turn public will vastly impact Unicrypt and redefine its future growth. Additionally, Unicrypt will introduce a new website to foster more convenience and simplicity. The website’s introduction will pave way for new services.

One of the core services coming up soon with the new Unicrypt webpage is token vesting. Token vesting is setting a structure for releasing the locked team, partners, and advisors tokens.

These tokens are released periodically to reduce the chances of market manipulation. Similarly, vesting shows the commitment of the team and partners for the long-term development and growth of the platform.

The Vesting tool will interact well with the liquidity locker and the ILO launchpad provided by the Unicrypt ecosystem. New projects will lock their team tokens and set a release strategy.

Another new service provided by the ecosystem is the token minter. Token minters help create new tokens, and Unicrypt is merging the minting functionality. New projects will be able to launch and mint tokens. The interaction of the vesting, locker, launchpad and minter features will ensure the services provided are reliable.

Unicrypts developers are working really hard to provide a self-sustaining network for the community. You can get more information about new updates of the platform by joining their Telegram, Twitter, and other social media pages.

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