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What is student coin and should you invest in it?

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Student Coin is the first crypto platform that allows users to design, create and manage personal, start-up NFT and DeFi tokens.

On May 11th, Student Coin (STC) was listed on KuCoin, with a total supply of 10 billion STC and a market cap of $132.6 million. The interesting part about it is the fact that it supports over 500 universities in over 30 countries.

Analyzing Student Coin

Tokenization is extremely profitable for companies, startups, universities as well as individuals, as it gives them an option for unlimited crowdfunding.

This is possible by the ecosystem built by Student Coin with the STC Terminal and STC Exchange as the core platforms. The STC Terminal allows you to create a personal token, start-up token, or decentralized loan token. Once it is created, you can trade it, perform crowdfunding and easily manage its utilities throughout the STC Exchange.

This tokenization is powered by the STC Token, where everyone has the ability to stake STC and earn dividends from STC Exchange and STC Terminal fees.

Should you buy Student Coin now?

Looking at the current price of Student Coin, it is trading at $0.03642. By contrast, STC was trading at $0.01693 just two months ago. This represents an increase of around 115% in just two months. The low price of Student Coin coupled with its real life usage makes the case for STC price to rise over time.

With the rise of NFTs, there are many, many people who are interested in creating coins, and we can see the potential in this project and the fact that as the popularity of blockchain technology rises, so will its use-case and value over time. In fact, within the last 24 hours, Student Coin price gained more than 21%.

If you notice STC dropping to under $0.03, then it’s a hard “sell” as the price of Student Coin failed to hold at a support level. However, the momentum for Student Coin favors the bulls so we can reasonably expect STC to test the $0.040 level.

Final Thoughts

Student Coin (STC) is definitely a concept that has the potential of catching on, especially if it nails the process of creating tokens and makes it as easy as opening a social media profile.

We can see a lot of young people creating something truly unique, and as it gets adopted across more universities, it has the potential of sky-rocketing in value. Could Student Coin reach $1 one day? One can dream and certainly stranger outcomes played out in the cryptocurrency universe.

However, the rational case for STC to reach $1 is hard to justify so early in its existence. We would suggest current Student Coin investors consider taking some of their profit off the table at the $0.04 level and then riding the reminder until signs of the bull rally coming to an end.

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