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XMLGold Introduces Fiat-to-Crypto Paygate with Plenty of Methods

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Amidst the ongoing cryptocurrencies frenzy, more and more no-coiners are considering purchasing their first digital assets. Buying crypto with fiat currencies remains the most accessible way for newbies to purchase Bitcoins (BTC) or Tethers (USDT).


Meanwhile, due to crypto’s shady regulatory status, the majority of services are very cautious about adding crypto-to-fiat paygates. Also, some fiat on-ramps charge users with sensitive extra fees for crypto-to-fiat operations.

Unparalleled expertise, dozens of payment methods for crypto purchasing: Introducing XMLGold

XMLGold addresses these issues with a totally different approach. This platform was launched in 2006 and was among the pioneers of e-currencies trading. E-currencies should be considered a type of non-blockchain digital asset pegged to major fiat currencies and utilized for specific use cases.

Image by XMLGold

The e-currencies concept became popular as a response to the bottlenecks of traditional finance. Due to cumbersome payment procedures, high fees and draconian KYC/AML policies, integrating an e-currency paygate is much easier for the average merchant than interacting with banks.

Meanwhile, XMLGold merges the benefits of “bank” payment methods (SEPA, SWIFT or direct wire transfers) with those specific to e-currencies. XMLGold supports the purchasing and exchange of fiat currencies from Advcash, Perfect Money and Payeer (EUR/USD pairs). Also, the service accepts anonymous payment certificates: Perfect Money Vouchers and ZenCasino Vouchers.

A wide range of cryptocurrencies is available for direct purchasing with the aforementioned payment methods on XMLGold. Right now, XMLGold offers the purchasing of Bitcoins (BTC), Litecoins (LTC), as well as stablecoins: U.S. Dollar Tether (USDT), True USD (TUSD) and USD Coin (USDC).

For USDT, the service activated its three most popular versions: namely, Ethereum-based (ERC-20), Tron-based (TRC-20) and the Omni version based on a Bitcoin-like platform.

Where security meets usability

An intuitive user experience has always been in focus for the XMLGold team. Its purchasing dashboard is available with a couple of clicks, while customer support is online 24/7.

Its proven record of operations is recognized by e-currency and cryptocurrency enthusiasts: XMLGold is the top-rated service of Bestchange crypto exchanges aggregator. Also, it scored 10,000 points in the Perfect Money Trust program. Satisfied users summarized their experience in 8,000+ reviews scoring XMLGold between 4/5 and 5/5.

The service offers exchange bonuses of up to 3.5 percent for loyal customers. Its progressive discount system allows seasoned users to save almost 30 percent on trading commissions.

Image by XMLGold

XMLGold clients can monetize their social exposure in multi-level referral programs. Participants can earn up to 10 percent of trading fees collected from all of their referrals.

Besides intuitive UX/UI, the XMLGold team is always focused on the security of all of its accounts and funds stored via the platform. Namely, every account is protected by a multi-factor authentication module to prevent unauthorized access.

All transactions on the service, regardless of exact payment method, are protected by an SSL certificate and 256-bit encryption. Thus, the data simply cannot be tracked by criminals, competitors or regulatory bodies. XMLGold allows exchange of e-currencies for crypto even without registration.

In a nutshell, seasoned engineers and marketers at XMLGold have developed an easy-to-use, fast, reliable product with powerful toolkits. For e-currencies and crypto traders of various levels of expertise, XMLGold just might be the on-ramp of choice.

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